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Tree carbohydrates 0

Counting Carbs: Patterns rather than absolute values of non-structural carbohydrates may be compared across labs

The plant eco­physiology field is intrigued and per­plexed by products of pho­to­syn­thesis known as sol­uble or non-structural car­bo­hydrates (NSCs), com­pounds that are used for growth, meta­bol­ism, and stor­age. NSC con­cen­tra­tions of dif­fer­ent plant tissue…

Mesophyll cells in spruce needles show accelerated cell senescence due to elevated CO2 concentration. Photo credit: M Günthardt-Goerg 0

Responses of beech and spruce foliage to elevated carbon dioxide, increased nitrogen deposition and soil type

Although enhanced car­bon fix­a­tion by forest trees may con­trib­ute sig­ni­fic­antly to mit­ig­at­ing an increase in atmo­spheric CO2, capa­cit­ies for this fix­a­tion vary greatly among dif­fer­ent tree spe­cies and loc­a­tions. In a study pub­lished in AoB…