Genetic relationships between sympatric and allopatric Casearia

Genetic relationships between sympatric and allopatric <i>Casearia</i>
Genetic rela­tion­ships between sym­patric and allo­patric Casearia

Casearia sylvestris var. sylvestris inhab­its humid, dense forests, while var. lin­gua is restric­ted to xeric hab­it­ats, yet des­pite dif­fer­ences in mor­pho­logy and hab­itat pref­er­ence, inter­me­di­ate forms exist in trans­itional envir­on­ments, com­plic­at­ing the delim­it­a­tion of the taxa. Cavallari et al. exam­ine nine microsatel­lite mark­ers and con­clude that the two C. sylvestris vari­et­ies are rel­at­ively inde­pend­ent bio­lo­gical units, rather than rep­res­ent­ing the genetic con­tinuum of a single spe­cies. Evidence for the exist­ence of putat­ive hybrid zones between these two vari­et­ies is also considered.

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