New issue, new look, new offer for bloggers and journalists

Annals of Botany October cover

The October edi­tion of Annals of Botany is now avail­able online. As well as the free Plant Cuttings, there’s also a free review of Plant cell bio­logy. From astro­nomy to zoology. How do you get astro­nomy and zoology into plants cells? You’ll have to read the review.

There’s a free short com­mu­nic­a­tion Did Drosera evolve long scapes to stop their pol­lin­at­ors from being eaten? which we pub­li­cised earlier with the press release Sundews just want to be loved.

There’s a new press release out today, Withering well can improve fer­til­ity that goes with Marcescent corol­las as func­tional struc­tures: effects on the fecund­ity of two insect-pollinated plants by Carlos M. Herrera. The papers in the journal are fun­ded either by sub­scrip­tions or through Oxford Open so there’s a limit to how much we can give free access too. This is a pain if you want to write or blog about the paper and want to check that I’ve not gone on some strange flight of fancy writ­ing the press release. That’s no longer a problem.

If you want to write about an Annals of Botany paper and you don’t have access to it then we can send you the paper if you’re a sci­ence writer. ‘Writer’ includes blog­gers, so if you’re a sci­ence blog­ger email us at ANNALSBOTANY [at] le​.ac​.uk and we’ll get you a copy. This applies to any paper you’d like to write about, not just ones with press releases. I’m work­ing on the prin­ciple that an expert in bot­any is going to see plenty that I’ve missed as poten­tial blog material.

As for the new look, October is on it’s way. It’s get­ting a bit late for sun­flowers in the north­ern hemi­sphere so I’ve changed the site here to an autumn theme. I’m told by someone who can <a href=”>recognise dif­fer­ent types of trees from quite a long way away that this type of tree is the Larch.

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When he's not the web developer for AoB Blog, Alun Salt researches something that could be mistaken for the archaeology of science. His current research is about whether there's such a thing as scientific heritage and if there is how would you recognise it?

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  1. Dr. M. Aruna says:

    I am inter­ested in writ­ing papers as I am an Associate Professor in botany.kindly let me know the guidelines.

  2. Dr Aruna, I am not sure what sort of writ­ing you refer to! Research papers are pub­lished in Annals of Botany — see any recent issue at http://​www​.annbot​.com. You can write about papers we pub­lish any­where, and we can send you PDF cop­ies if you can’t down­load them (and we will make them freely avail­able from our web­site for oth­ers if your read­ers need to refer back to them). We also wel­come con­tri­bu­tions to this AoBBlog along the lines of the other ori­ginal pieces we pub­lish; please e-mail them to us and we will review them.