Pollination and evolution

There’s a great post on Pollination bio­logy in the green­house at the Phytophactor. It’s easy to indi­vidu­al­ise spe­cies when talk­ing about evol­u­tion, so that one hon­ey­bee becomes THE hon­ey­bee or one rose becomes THE rose. Then you end up talk­ing about how the bee pol­lin­ates the rose. The phyto­phactor shows that this way think can break down when you look at how flies pol­lin­ate Stapelia. The answer to the puzzle he poses requires think­ing about populations.

Alun Salt. ORCID 0000-0002-1261-4283

When he's not the web developer for AoB Blog, Alun Salt researches something that could be mistaken for the archaeology of science. His current research is about whether there's such a thing as scientific heritage and if there is how would you recognise it?

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