Chilling-induced closure of plasmodesmata in maize

Chilling-induced closure of plasmodesmata in maize
Chilling-induced clos­ure of plas­mod­esmata in maize

The exchange of pho­to­syn­thetic inter­me­di­ates between Kranz meso­phyll and bundle sheath cells in C4 plants may be affected by low tem­per­at­ures. Bilska and Sowiński study chilling-tolerant and chilling-sensitive vari­et­ies of Zea mays and find that low tem­per­at­ures res­ult in changes in the ultra­struc­ture of plas­mod­esmata, which inhibit trans­fer of pho­to­syn­thate to the phloem and hence export from the leaf. Closure of plas­mod­esmata appears to be related to the action of calre­ticulin; how­ever, cal­lose depos­ition is found to be a sec­ond­ary effect of chilling.

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