Glyphosate drift and transgene gene flow in Brassica

Glyphosate drift and transgene gene flow in <i>Brassica</i>
Glyphosate drift and trans­gene gene flow in Brassica

Drift of herb­i­cides bey­ond field bound­ar­ies may func­tion as a select­ive agent con­trib­ut­ing to increased per­sist­ence of escaped trans­genes in the envir­on­ment. Londo et al. exam­ine the effects on Brassica napusB. rapa hybrids of drift of glyphosate (0.1× field applic­a­tion rate) and find that a single dose increases the repro­duct­ive fit­ness of hybrids rel­at­ive to non-transgenic gen­o­types and alters gene flow within the exper­i­mental communities.

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