Will the first artificial intelligence by inspired by plants?

I didn’t pick this up straight away from TED as I hadn’t watched it. I’ve not heard of plant neuro­bi­o­logy before.* After the… umm… enthu­si­astic report­ing on the BBC of plants’ abil­ity to react to envir­on­ments, it didn’t seem to be so urgent. My mis­take, obvi­ously, as after think­ing about it neuro­bi­o­logy is a sens­ible word to think about sig­nalling in plants.

Stefano Mancuso: The roots of plant intelligence

I’m still not sure about the title though, The roots of plant intel­li­gence. I’ll cheer­fully con­cede he’s for­got­ten more bot­any than I’ll ever know. Still, I won­der if the use of the word intel­li­gence obscures what’s going on. I think it sug­gests cog­ni­tion, whereas I see it more as a stun­ningly com­plex and respons­ive abil­ity to react to stim­uli. Despite that I think the clos­ing part of the talk is very exciting.

Stefano Mancuso’s idea of plant­oids, robots inspired by plants, seems obvi­ous when talks about it, espe­cially for the study and col­on­isa­tion of soil. The concept of hybrids util­ising the extraordin­ary cap­ab­il­it­ies of plants with pro­cessing power (and move­ment?) is one of those stun­ningly clever ideas that make you won­der why you didn’t think of it. But will these cre­ations be intel­li­gent? That might depend on where you sit on the sub­ject of plant intel­li­gence. On the other hand a plan­ning and pro­act­ive pro­cessing centre in sil­icon hooked onto a plant base could exhibit a very dif­fer­ent type of intel­li­gence to the kind of thing that we’ve been primed for by science-fiction.

My head’s spin­ning with this one, so if any­one would like to point me in the dir­ec­tion of use­ful things to read, or patiently explain why I’m wrong to think a plant-based arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence couldn’t hap­pen, please leave a com­ment below. I’m start­ing with a visit to the web­site of the Laboratorio Internazionale di Neurobiologia Vegetale.

*In the interests of main­tain­ing lab-cred I should point out that every­body else in the office has almost cer­tainly heard of Stefano Mancuso’s work.

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