The Scientist Gardener on Innovation versus Investment

There’s a good post by the Scientist Gardener on Investing in Innovation. It’s a response to James (who has Giant Corn) who com­men­ted on Research Funding in a post that I would have linked to at the time if I’d been up to speed after Christmas.

He makes the point that it’s not enough to have a good idea. I think a lot of the push for rel­ev­ance or real-world res­ults ignores that the Investment, Development and Marketing of new products all require non-trivial skills. Simply ask­ing uni­ver­sity depart­ments to mon­et­ise their research takes fund­ing away from what they’re (hope­fully) good at — hav­ing ideas — and fun­nels it into what they’re not so good at.

It reminds me of the quote from John W. Gardner:

The soci­ety which scorns excel­lence in plumb­ing as a humble activ­ity and tol­er­ates shod­di­ness in philo­sophy because it is an exal­ted activ­ity will have neither good plumb­ing nor good philo­sophy: neither its pipes nor its the­or­ies will hold water.

Could you say some­thing sim­ilar about the soci­ety that scorns pure research, but exalts shoddy business?

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