Cell-wall pectin and Al resistance

Cell-wall pectin and Al resistance
Cell-wall pec­tin and Al resistance

Aluminium (Al) tox­icity is one of the factors lim­it­ing crop pro­duc­tion on acid soils and vari­ous res­ist­ance mech­an­isms have evolved in plant spe­cies. Yang et al. invest­ig­ate gen­o­typic dif­fer­ences in cul­tivars of tatary buck­wheat (Fagopyrum tataricum) and find that an Al exclu­sion mech­an­ism is involved in res­ist­ance. Cell-wall pec­tin con­tent is gen­er­ally lower in Al-resistant than in Al-sensitive cul­tivars, and the degree of methyl­a­tion of the pectins may play an import­ant role in resistance.

Annals of Botany Office.

The Annals of Botany Office is based at the University of Leicester.

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