Chromosome paring in Paphiopedilum hybrids

Chromosome paring in <i>Paphiopedilum</i> hybrids

Chromosome par­ing in <i>Paphiopedilum</i> hybrids

Interspecific hybrid­iz­a­tion of lady’s slip­per orch­ids (Paphiopedilum) has long been used for breed­ing pro­grams; how­ever, gen­ome affin­it­ies among spe­cies are almost unknown. Lee et al.  invest­ig­ate mei­otic chro­mo­some par­ing in eight hybrids and pro­pose that gen­ome homo­logy and the inter­ac­tion of genetic factors, but not chro­mo­some num­ber or karyo­type sim­il­ar­ity, determ­ine the chro­mo­some par­ing affin­it­ies in these hybrids.

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