Ann Bot is a gestalt entity who works in the office for the Annals of Botany.

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  1. Tony Foster says:

    Thanks for the thumbs up regard­ing http://​plant​-phyto​graphy​.blog​spot​.com/
    Annbot is actu­ally wel­come to use/link to/copy (but not steal the idea). What you see on line is part of a book I’ve been work­ing on for 4 years and try­ing without suc­cess to get the eye of a Book pub­lisher. The 6 New Zealand pub­lish­ers I have approached aren’t inter­ested (too spe­cial­ised for such a small coun­try, reces­sion, risk, not in the clique of right botan­ical group etc..) But lovely and very sup­port­ive rejec­tion let­ters. Overseas pub­lish­ing houses are my next approach.
    The book is 99% fin­ished as a manu­script. 1300 Botanical defin­i­tions much as on the blog and 750 pho­tos. The Blog is a watered down taster of the book and i thought I would get the idea out there and get feed­back on it. I’ve always thought its never any good doing sci­ence and not shar­ing your work so I’m pleased the idea is out there and people are being moved and respond­ing.
    If any­one wants to know more, would like to pub­lish, send me an email and I would be pleased to show the full manu­script.
    Check out my per­sonal details and work his­tory on the RHS of the blog
    kind regards
    Tony Foster

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