Cabomba as a model basal angiosperm (Review)

Cabomba as a model basal angiosperm (Review)

Cabomba as a model basal angio­sperm (Review)

Early-diverging angio­sperms are import­ant for stud­ies of the ori­gin and early evol­u­tion of the flower. Vialette-Guiraud et al. dis­cuss the poten­tial of the water lily Cabomba (Nymphaeales) as a model basal angio­sperm, as it com­bines sim­pli­city of floral struc­ture, numer­ous plei­s­iomorphic angio­sperm char­ac­ters, and prac­tical fea­tures that make it amen­able to study using a broad range of molecu­lar bio­lo­gical tech­niques. They also provide pro­to­cols for the growth and molecu­lar ana­lysis of Cabomba, a Cabomba flower EST data­base, and a gen­ome size meas­ure­ment of C. car­olini­ana.

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