Daily Archive: September 23, 2011

Back to reality: 77 hours without e-mails and 248 new ones!

Italian Genetics Societies in Assisi: staple foods and orphan crops via epigenomics and systems biology

The three Genetics Societies in Italy – AGI, SIBV and SIGA – held a strong joint con­fer­ence in Assisi in September. With 500 people and 300 posters, the major ses­sions were on top­ical issues such as epi­gen­et­ics and epi­ge­n­om­ics, then gen­ome plas­ti­city, mov­ing on to sys­tems bio­logy. , Approaches included whole gen­ome sequen­cing, annota­tion and func­tional ana­lysis, and focussed on many crops and some animal genetics