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Free—open access paper: Phylogeny and divergence times inferred from rps16 sequence data analyses for Tricyrtis (Liliaceae), an endemic genus of north-east Asia

The rate of molecular evolution of Tricyrtis plant groups as a model system was estimated. The outcome further highlights the importance of conserving biodiversity in a rapidly changing Earth environment. This phylogenetic analyses of Tricyrtis with its high endemism in north-east Asia sheds light on processes of speciation processes.


Affable Nerds and Second Bananas: What Science Communicators Can Learn From Top Gear

Via Scoop.itmolcyt

“Why has academia largely ignored one of the world’s most popular technology programmes – and what does the show tell us about the effective communication of complex ideas?”   A review of a scholarly paper on what we as scientists can learn from Top Gear about presentation of technical material …  
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