Free—open access paper: Reductions in biomass accumulation, photosynthesis in situ and the net carbon balance are the costs of protecting Vitis vinifera ‘Semillon’ grapevines from heat stress with shade covering

Shade cloth can be used to pro­tect grapev­ines from high tem­per­at­ures. However, the res­ult­ing low light intens­ity is shown to reduce pho­to­syn­thesis, lead­ing to lower car­bon alloc­a­tion to veget­at­ive growth and sugar accu­mu­la­tion. Protection from heat by shad­ing is, there­fore, costly for the car­bon eco­nomy of the vines. Read this free — open access paper to find out more.

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  1. Luciano Caravia says:

    Hello, I want to include the pic­ture linked to the art­icle writen by Greer et al, 2011, about shade cov­er­ing in vines. That appear here
    pos­ted on September 8th, 2011 by Lulu Stader. I would like to know is this pic­ture belongs to Lulu Stader or Greer D. H. and is this cor­res­ponds to the shade exper­i­ments. Also I would like to have acc­sess to the ori­ginal picture.

    I will be very thank­ful for your help.

    Luciano Caravia Bayer

  2. AJ Cann says:

    AoB PLANTS is pub­lished under a Creative Commons licence, so as long as you cite the source of the image, you are free to reuse it.

  3. Lulu Stader says:

    Dear Luciano,
    Further to AJ Cann’s reply, you can ask the author of the paper, Dr Greer, for an ori­ginal ver­sion of the image. His emal address is in the art­icle.
    Kind regards