Reactions of Nicotiana species to inoculation with begomoviruses

begomovirus Some Nicotiana spe­cies are widely used as exper­i­mental hosts for plant vir­uses. Nicotiana spe­cies dif­fer in ploidy levels, chro­mo­some num­bers and have diverse geo­graph­ical ori­gins. Thus, these spe­cies are use­ful model sys­tems to invest­ig­ate virus-host inter­ac­tions, co-evolution of patho­gens and hosts and the effects of ploidy level on virus resistance/susceptibility.

This research stud­ied the responses of seven Nicotiana spe­cies to inocu­la­tion with Cotton leaf curl Multan virus (CLCuMV), a mono­partite bego­movirus, and Tomato leaf curl New Delhi virus (ToLCNDV), a bipart­ite bego­movirus, both from the Indian sub­con­tin­ent. All Nicotiana spe­cies sup­por­ted the rep­lic­a­tion of both bego­movir­uses in inocu­lated leaves. However, only three Nicotiana spe­cies, namely N. benthami­ana, N. tabacum and N. sylvestris showed symp­toms when inocu­lated with ToLCNDV, while N. benthami­ana was the only spe­cies that developed leaf curl symp­toms when inocu­lated with CLCuMV. CLCuMV accu­mu­lated to detect­able levels in N. tabacum, but plants remained asymp­to­matic. A pre­vi­ously iden­ti­fied muta­tion of RNA depend­ent RNA poly­merase 1 was shown to be present only in N. benthami­ana. The find­ing is in line with earlier res­ults show­ing that the sus­cept­ib­il­ity of this spe­cies to a diverse range of plant vir­uses cor­rel­ates with a defect­ive RNA silencing-mediated host defense.

The res­ults show that indi­vidual Nicotiana spe­cies respond dif­fer­ently to inocu­la­tion with bego­movir­uses. The inab­il­ity of bego­movir­uses to sys­tem­ic­ally infect sev­eral Nicotiana spe­cies is likely due to inhib­i­tion of virus move­ment, rather than rep­lic­a­tion, and thus provides a novel model to study virus-host inter­ac­tions in resistant/susceptible hosts.

Reactions of Nicotiana spe­cies to inocu­la­tion with mono­partite and bipart­ite bego­movir­uses. Virology Journal 2011, 8: 475 doi:10.1186/1743-422X-8–475


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