PHAN and compound leaf morphology

PHAN and compound leaf morphology

PHAN and com­pound leaf morphology

For both simple and com­pound leaves, a MYB domain tran­scrip­tion factor PHANTASTICA (PHAN) plays an import­ant role in estab­lish­ing the adaxial domain in the leaf. Zoulias et al. gen­er­ate and ana­lyse trans­genic tomato plants express­ing tomato PHAN (SlPHAN) and tobacco plants that over-express tomato SlPHAN. Modulations in SlPHAN res­ul­ted in a vari­ety of leaf mor­pho­lo­gies, and the res­ults sug­gest that SlPHAN plays a role in medio-lateral exten­sion of the adaxial domain and con­trib­utes to final leaf mor­pho­logy in tomato.

Annals of Botany Office.

The Annals of Botany Office is based at the University of Leicester.

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