Root Research comes to the UK

Roots to the Future

2012 is a big year for roots research­ers. The International Society of Root Research is hold­ing its big event in the UK for the first time. The event, in Dundee, will be held at the end of June and has key­note speak­ers from around the world.

Jun Abe of the University of Tokyo has said why he thinks root research is so import­ant. “The root is the inter­face between plant and the soil. This means that the root is the organ that is dir­ectly affected by human man­age­ments (e.g., till­age and fer­til­iz­a­tion). The form­a­tion of well-developed root sys­tem is import­ant for crops to alle­vi­ate the soil envir­on­mental stress such as water stress, nutri­ent defi­ciency, high (or low) pH and so on.”

The con­fer­ence, as the name sug­gests, is a look to the future of root research and the pro­spect of a Second Green Revolution. Topics along the way include Genes, traits and envir­on­ment, Environmental impact and car­bon cyc­ling and Root-microbe inter­ac­tion.

For more inform­a­tion you can visit the sym­posium web­site.


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