RuSource: Economic evidence for investing in the environment

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There are many examples where green infra­struc­ture offers much bet­ter value for pub­lic invest­ment than the altern­at­ive, for example nat­ural water fil­tra­tion and nat­ural flood defence.

Alan Spedding over at RuSource had iden­ti­fied and sum­mar­ized an import­ant report with the less-than-exciting title “Natural England Research Report NERR033 ‘Microeconomic Evidence for the Benefits of Investment in the Environment – review’.

Natural cli­mate con­trol is much cheaper than the air-conditioning (or heat­ing) it replaces. Natural air fil­ter­ing is likely to be effi­cient com­pared to tech­nical altern­at­ives, par­tic­u­larly as trees provide so many other bene­fits. Access to green­space and the pro­mo­tion of act­ive travel are extremely cost-effective ways to address Mental and phys­ical ill-health.

From RuSource and Natural England

This sum­mary is taken from a RuSource brief­ing to provide con­cise inform­a­tion on cur­rent farm­ing and rural issues pro­duced by Alan Spedding in asso­ci­ation with the Arthur Rank Centre. These brief­ings are cir­cu­lated weekly by email and pre­vi­ous brief­ings can be accessed on the Arthur Rank Centre web­site. If you would like to be put on the list for free reg­u­lar brief­ings please con­tact alan.spedding –at– btopen​world​.com
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Pat Heslop-Harrison is Professor of Molecular Cytogenetics and Cell Biology at the University of Leicester. He is also Chief Editor of Annals of Botany.

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