Mineral nutrient stoichiometry of Hedera seeds

Mineral nutrient stoichiometry of <i>Hedera</i> seeds

Mineral nutri­ent stoi­chiometry of <i>Hedera</i> seeds

Analysis of vari­ab­il­ity in min­eral alloc­a­tion to seeds has rarely been con­sidered in rela­tion to allo­met­ric pat­terns and devi­ations from the allo­met­ric tra­ject­ory. Obeso exam­ines the scal­ing of car­bon, nitro­gen, phos­phorus and sul­fur with seed mass in field-collected seeds of Hedera helix (ivy) and finds that whilst C and N con­tent both vary iso­met­ric­ally with seed mass, P and S vary allo­met­ric­ally and seeds with higher mass con­tain pro­por­tion­ately more P. Furthermore, seeds from small broods con­tain pro­por­tion­ally more P than those from large broods, sug­gest­ing that brood size may influ­ence the min­eral nutri­ent concentration.

Annals of Botany Office.

The Annals of Botany Office is based at the University of Leicester.

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