Pollination and crop resilience to heat in wheat

Pollination and crop resilience to heat in wheat

Pollination and crop resi­li­ence to heat in wheat

The tim­ing and syn­chrony of male and female flower­ing in wheat is a cru­cial determ­in­ant of seed set and may be an import­ant factor affect­ing gene flow and resi­li­ence to cli­mate change. Lukac et al.  assess the anther and stigma activ­ity of each floret on devel­op­ing ears of wheat, Triticum aes­tivum, and find that syn­chrony between pol­len dehis­cence and stigma col­lapse within a flower is depend­ent on its rel­at­ive pos­i­tion in a spike and within a floret. Modelling the obser­va­tions indic­ates that the tem­poral and spa­tial vari­ab­il­ity of anther activ­ity within and between spikes may influ­ence the rel­at­ive resi­li­ence of wheat to sud­den, extreme cli­matic events.

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