Reproductive isolation between hybridizing orchids

Reproductive isolation between hybridizing orchids

Reproductive isol­a­tion between hybrid­iz­ing orchids

The poten­tial for gene exchange between spe­cies with dif­fer­ent ploidy levels has long been recog­nized, but only a few stud­ies have tested this hypo­thesis in situ and most of them have focused on not more than two co-occurring species.

De hert et al  exam­ine hybrid­iz­a­tion pat­terns in three spe­cies of the genus Dactylorhiza (Orchidaceae; dip­loid D. incarn­ata and D. fuch­sii, and allotet­raploid D. praetermissa). Morphometric and molecu­lar ana­lyses indic­ate that the major­ity of hybrids are F1 hybrids.

Crossing exper­i­ments show strong post-zygotic bar­ri­ers and high ster­il­ity of the hybrids; how­ever, the pres­ence of triple hybrids indic­ates that in some cases hybrid­iz­a­tion may extend the F1 generation.

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