Resistance to pathogens under variable temperatures

Resistance to pathogens under variable temperatures

Resistance to patho­gens under vari­able temperatures

The biotic and abi­otic envir­on­ment of inter­act­ing hosts and para­sites may vary con­sid­er­ably over small spa­tial and tem­poral scales. Jorgensen exam­ines the effects of dif­fer­ing tem­per­at­ure and soil nutri­ent con­di­tions on powdery mil­dew infec­tion of Arabidopsis thali­ana, and finds that there is a strong poten­tial for a het­ero­gen­eous envir­on­ment to change the res­ist­ance capa­city of A. thali­ana gen­o­types, and hence the dir­ec­tion and mag­nitude of selec­tion in the pres­ence of the patho­gen. Transcription levels of RPW8, a resistance-conferring gene, increase after infec­tion and vary between envir­on­ments, but there is no tight asso­ci­ation between tran­scrip­tion and res­ist­ance levels.

Annals of Botany Office.

The Annals of Botany Office is based at the University of Leicester.

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