Connecting you with plant scientists on Google+

We’re adding a couple of things for Google+ users from our page. They both tackle a prob­lem that par­tic­u­larly affects new users, that Google+ can look a bit empty.

The first is a Botanic Gardens circle. This is a col­lec­tion of all the botanic gar­dens we’ve found using Google+. Some accounts are more act­ive than oth­ers, but it should give you a steady drip of plant-related posts into your stream.

The other is being set up at the moment. It’s a pro­fes­sional bot­an­ist / plant sci­ent­ist circle. This is a way for new people to con­nect with oth­ers already on site. If we update it reg­u­larly then it should be a use­ful way for people to get their posts noticed by oth­ers in sim­ilar fields. It’s not going to be as tightly focussed on plant sci­ence as the Botanic Gardens circle, because plant sci­ent­ists are just as likely as any­one else to post videos of kit­tens. If you do post about a con­fer­ence or job oppor­tun­ity then by being in this circle you’re more likely to have someone with an interest read it.

To join the bot­an­ist / plant sci­ent­ist circle you’ll need to be on Google+, fol­low­ing our page and then click on the +1 but­ton. If you’re not fol­low­ing us we can’t add you to the circle for pri­vacy reas­ons. Or to put it another way, would you really want com­pan­ies high­light­ing you without your permission?

Alun Salt. ORCID 0000-0002-1261-4283

When he's not the web developer for AoB Blog, Alun Salt researches something that could be mistaken for the archaeology of science. His current research is about whether there's such a thing as scientific heritage and if there is how would you recognise it?