Costs of reproduction in a gynodioecious species

Costs of reproduction in a gynodioecious species

Costs of repro­duc­tion in a gyn­odi­oecious species

In gyn­odi­oecious spe­cies herm­aph­rod­itic plants coex­ist with female plants. Toivonen and Mutikainen  find that exper­i­ment­ally increased repro­duct­ive out­put leads to dif­fer­en­tial costs of repro­duc­tion in the gyn­odi­oecious Geranium sylvaticum (Geraniaceae). In herm­aph­rod­ites the costs are expressed as decreased flower­ing, and in females as decreased seed pro­duc­tion; over­all, female plants seem to be more sens­it­ive to the cost of repro­duc­tion than herm­aph­rod­ites. The dif­fer­en­tial costs of repro­duc­tion may con­trib­ute to annual vari­ation in the rel­at­ive seed fit­ness of female plants in this gyn­odi­oecious spe­cies, and con­sequently they might also con­trib­ute to the main­ten­ance of the gyn­odi­oecious breed­ing system.

Annals of Botany Office.

The Annals of Botany Office is based at the University of Leicester.

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