Phenotypic traits of Phragmites australis clones

Phragmites australis Phragmites aus­tralis is a wet­land grass with high genetic vari­ab­il­ity, aug­men­ted by its cos­mo­pol­itan dis­tri­bu­tion, clonal growth form and large vari­ation in chro­mo­some num­bers. Different ploidy levels and eco­types dif­fer in mor­pho­logy and eco­physiolo­gical traits, and may pos­sess dif­fer­ent levels of phen­o­typic vari­ation. The aim of this study was to quantify the nat­ural vari­ation in eco­physiolo­gical char­ac­ter­ist­ics of P. aus­tralis, and to explore whether dif­fer­ences in eco­physiolo­gical traits can be related to ploidy levels or to the geo­graphic ori­gin of the clones.


Phenotypic traits of Phragmites aus­tralis clones are not related to ploidy level and dis­tri­bu­tion range. AoB PLANTS (2012) doi: 10.1093/aobpla/pls017


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