An Australian origin for Drosera meristocaulis

An Australian origin for Drosera meristocaulis

An Australian ori­gin for Drosera meristocaulis

The car­ni­vor­ous sun­dew Drosera mer­is­to­caulis, which is endemic to a remote high-summit area of the Amazon region, has been shown to share mor­pho­lo­gical char­ac­ters with pygmy sun­dews of Drosera sect. Bryastrum that are endemic to Australia and New Zealand. Rivadavia et al. com­bine phylo­gen­etic recon­struc­tions with a com­par­at­ive mor­pho­lo­gical and cyto­lo­gical ana­lysis and show that sect. Meristocaulis and its single spe­cies, D. mer­is­to­caulis, is nes­ted within the Australian Drosera clade, sis­ter to a group com­pris­ing spe­cies of sect. Bryastrum. Long-distance dis­persal between south-western Oceania and north­ern South America is the most likely scen­ario to explain the phylo­geo­graphic pat­tern revealed.

Annals of Botany Office.

The Annals of Botany Office is based at the University of Leicester.

2 Responses

  1. Devi K says:

    thank u for provid­ing us the inform­a­tion about the plant world.…… i really enjoyed the pho­to­graphy + information.….….….

  2. David Cooke says:

    Another amaz­ing instance of long-distance dis­persal. Like the outly­ing spe­cies of Dietes (a South African irid genus) on Lord Howe Island.

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