Contemporary gene flow in Arabis alpina

Contemporary gene flow in <i>Arabis alpina</i>

Contemporary gene flow in Arabis alpina

Gene flow is import­ant in coun­ter­act­ing the diver­gence of pop­u­la­tions but also in spread­ing genes among pop­u­la­tions. Buehler et al. describe the effect­ive mat­ing sys­tem and con­tem­por­ary gene flow in the alpine per­en­nial Arabis alpina over a sampled land­scape area of 2 km2. Paternity ana­lysis shows that self­ing pre­dom­in­ates, while out­cross­ing events reveal leptkur­tic pol­len dis­persal reach­ing as far as 1 km. This long-distance dis­persal poten­tial, des­pite the high levels of self­ing, implies that bene­fi­cial alleles may reach nearby hab­it­ats and thus help facil­it­ate adapt­a­tion of the res­id­ent pop­u­la­tions to chan­ging envir­on­mental conditions.

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