Heritability of interactive pollen–pistil traits

Heritability of interactive pollen–pistil traits

Heritability of inter­act­ive pollen–pistil traits

In Collinsia het­ero­phylla, a mixed-mating spe­cies with delayed stigma receptiv­ity, there is a poten­tial for a sexual con­flict over tim­ing of stigma receptiv­ity. Madjidian et al. use exper­i­mental crosses and per­form parent–offspring regres­sions and sib ana­lyses to test for her­it­able genetic vari­ation and co-variation in male and female inter­act­ive traits. They find some her­it­able vari­ation and evolvab­il­ity in delayed stigma receptiv­ity in the pres­ence of pol­len, but no evid­ence for genetic vari­ation in the abil­ity of pol­len to fer­til­ize ovules early. Thus the female func­tion is more likely to respond to selec­tion than the male function.

Annals of Botany Office.

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