LBD29 and lateral root initiation in arabidopsis

LBD29 and lateral root initiation in arabidopsis

LBD29 and lat­eral root ini­ti­ation in arabidopsis

LBD29 (LATERAL ORGAN BOUNDARIES DOMAIN 29) is an import­ant molecule down­stream of the auxin response factors ARF7 and ARF19, and has a role in lat­eral root form­a­tion in Arabidopsis thali­ana. Feng et al. com­bine phen­o­typic ana­lysis at mor­pho­lo­gical and ana­tom­ical level with molecu­lar bio­logy approaches, and cor­rel­ate LBD29 expres­sion with micro­scopic changes in peri­cycle cells and with expres­sion of cell-cycle-related genes. They con­sider that the abil­ity of LBD29 to reg­u­late lat­eral root ini­ti­ation is asso­ci­ated with its main­ten­ance of the cell divi­sion capa­city of peri­cycle in response to auxin and to its involve­ment in the auxin sig­nalling pathway.

Annals of Botany Office.

The Annals of Botany Office is based at the University of Leicester.

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