Leaf display by conifer and angiosperm seedlings

Leaf display by conifer and angiosperm seedlings

Leaf dis­play by con­ifer and angio­sperm seedlings

The con­tem­por­ary releg­a­tion of con­ifers mainly to cold or infer­tile sites has been ascribed to low com­pet­it­ive abil­ity. Lusk et al. use 3-D mod­el­ling of plant archi­tec­ture and struc­tural equa­tion mod­el­ling to com­pare self-shading and light inter­cep­tion poten­tial of seed­lings of six con­ifers and 12 angio­sperm trees from tem­per­ate rain­forests, and show that seed­lings of con­ifers dis­play only about half the effect­ive leaf area of their angio­sperm com­pet­it­ors, due to dif­fer­ences in spe­cific leaf area, bio­mass dis­tri­bu­tion, leaf angles and self-shading. The super­ior light inter­cep­tion poten­tial of angio­sperm seed­lings there­fore prob­ably con­trib­utes to the suc­cess of this lin­eage in pro­duct­ive envir­on­ments where veget­a­tion is struc­tured by light competition.

Annals of Botany Office.

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