Phylogeny and evolution of European orchids

Phylogeny and evolution of European orchids

Phylogeny and evol­u­tion of European orchids

A wealth of inform­a­tion on evol­u­tion and pol­lin­a­tion of Mediterranean orch­ids (mostly tribe Orchideae) has been gen­er­ated in the last two dec­ades. Inda et al. integ­rate this with a well-supported phylo­gen­etic tree to invest­ig­ate Orchideae diver­si­fic­a­tion in a tem­poral frame­work, and find that nomen­clat­ural changes recently pro­posed in Orchideae are com­pat­ible with the phylo­gen­etic ana­lysis. The res­ults sug­gest that diver­si­fic­a­tion of Orchidineae in the Mediterranean basin took place between the Mid-Miocene and Pleistocene and that ances­tral forms were hymenopteran-pollinated, food-deceptive plants. A pos­sible link is con­sidered between orchid evol­u­tion and Hymenoptera diversification.

Annals of Botany Office.

The Annals of Botany Office is based at the University of Leicester.

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