Sibling competition and phenotypic change

Sibling competition and phenotypic change

Sibling com­pet­i­tion and phen­o­typic change

Growing in com­pet­i­tion with close rel­at­ives may pro­duce modi­fic­a­tions in com­pet­it­ive traits to ameli­or­ate com­pet­i­tion with kin. Milla et al. study multi-trait phen­o­typic expres­sion in response to com­pet­i­tion with con­spe­cif­ics of var­ied degrees of gene­a­lo­gical related­ness in an annual legume, Lupinus angus­ti­fo­lius. In con­trast to reports on other spe­cies, they find that related­ness to com­pet­ing neigh­bours has a neg­li­gible impact on the phen­o­typic expres­sion of indi­vidu­als and groups of L. angus­ti­fo­lius, call­ing into ques­tion the gen­er­al­ity of kin recog­ni­tion across plant lineages.

Annals of Botany Office.

The Annals of Botany Office is based at the University of Leicester.

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