Botanist goes Gaga for ferns

Botanists are get­ting com­pet­it­ive when it comes to nam­ing plant spe­cies. Duke University has announced that a whole genus of ferns, with 19 known spe­cies, has been named after Lady Gaga. This, as the press release notes, beats the mere one car­ni­vor­ous plant that Helen Mirren has named after her. In her defence though when Helen Mirren wakes up in the morn­ing, she’s Helen Mirren — which is surely a pretty amaz­ing feel­ing most days.

Seventeen of Lady Gaga’s new spe­cies will be re-classified old spe­cies from the genus Cheilanthes. The new genus is based on DNA ana­lysis of the ferns that includes a dis­tinct­ive GAGA sequence. There are also two new spe­cies. Gaga mon­stra­parva is named after Lady Gaga’s fans, who she calls ‘little mon­sters’. Gaga german­otta in con­trast is named after Lady Gaga her­self as she was born Stefani Germanotta. Graduate Student Fay-Wei Li was delighted to dis­cover this new spe­cies while on field­work in Costa Rica.

Graduate Student Fay-Wei Li at the moment he discovered Gaga germanotta alive in Costa Rica.

Graduate Student Fay-Wei Li at the moment he dis­covered Gaga german­otta alive in Costa Rica.

You can pick up the paper describ­ing the ferns, Gaga, a New Fern Genus Segregated from Cheilanthes (Pteridaceae), from Systematic Botany.

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  1. Sam says:

    I don’t see why lady gaga gets ferns named after her, i think there are prob­ably many other more suited can­did­ates! I mean i’m just say­ing she couldn’t even call her­self an ‘envir­on­ment­al­ist’ as she struts around in animal fur!

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