The origin of the sporophyte shoot (Viewpoint)

The origin of the sporophyte shoot (Viewpoint)

The ori­gin of the sporo­phyte shoot (Viewpoint)

The long-held notion that the sporo­phyte shoot is homo­log­ous with the seta of mosses has been ques­tioned, but no altern­at­ive evol­u­tion­ary model has hitherto been pro­posed. Ligrone et al. explore the ori­gin of the sporo­phyte shoot in terms of changes in embryo organ­iz­a­tion, within the frame­work of molecu­lar phylo­geny pla­cing the three bry­ophyte lin­eages at the base of the phylo­gen­etic tree of land plants, and using sto­matal dis­tri­bu­tion as a guideline. They inter­pret the sporo­phyte shoot as a ster­il­ized, inde­term­in­ate spor­angial axis inter­pol­ated between the embryo and the fer­tile spor­angium. The model pro­posed fills the gap between bry­ophytic and non-bryophytic extant land plants and offers clues for pro­spect­ive evo-devo research.

Annals of Botany Office.

The Annals of Botany Office is based at the University of Leicester.

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  1. David Cooke says:

    A paper like this one gets us look­ing at a plant in a new light. It’s like the earlier sug­ges­tion equat­ing the vas­cu­lar sporo­phyte to the cap­sule of Anthoceros, but with the new insight of an inter­pol­ated mer­istem becom­ing the apical mersitem.

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