A Slice of the Wheat Genome 

Considered by some to be the Mount Everest of crop gen­omes, the chal­len­ging wheat gen­ome is close to being scaled. An inter­na­tional team has pro­duced a draft of wheat’s DNA sequence, one that iden­ti­fies many of its genes and has made pos­sible the iden­ti­fic­a­tion of thou­sands of poten­tial genetic changes that could improve this key crop. 
Two kinds of wheat — bread wheat and pasta wheat — have dif­fer­ent DNA makeups. Pasta wheat (durum), which is a hybrid of two wild grasses, has two gen­omes, one from each of its ancest­ors. Bread wheat is even more com­plex: It has three gen­omes, the res­ult of pasta wheat hybrid­iz­ing with a third grass spe­cies. A new study, pub­lished online today in Nature, focuses on the bread wheat gen­ome, which has almost six times as much DNA as the human gen­ome. Science Now: http://​goo​.gl/​x​w​luy
Analysis of the bread wheat gen­ome using whole-genome shot­gun sequen­cing: Nature 491, 705–710 (29 November 2012) doi:10.1038/nature11650 http://​goo​.gl/​d​T​dwU ($) 


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