Genome size variation in a polyploid complex

Genome size variation in a polyploid complex

Genome size vari­ation in a poly­ploid complex

Whole-genome duplic­a­tion, or poly­ploidy, is a com­mon and repeated pro­cess in angio­sperms, and con­trib­utes to vari­ation in gen­ome size. McIntyre assesses ploidy and gen­ome size for 78 pop­u­la­tions within the Claytonia per­fo­li­ata (Portulacaceae) com­plex, com­prised of three dip­loid taxa with numer­ous poly­ploids that range to the decaploid level. The res­ults sug­gests that higher level poly­ploids (hexaploids) exhibit increased vari­ation in gen­ome size rel­at­ive to dip­loids, and that plants from colder envir­on­ments pos­sess lar­ger genomes.

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