Annals of Botany — Biggest Year Ever

1000 papers

Annals of Botany has received more papers this year than ever before — we have just star­ted pro­cessing the 1000th sub­mit­ted manu­script. For com­par­ison, 10 years ago in 2002 we received just 469 sub­mis­sions, and when I star­ted work­ing for the journal a year later in 2003 we broke through the 500 mark for the first time — so 2012 will rep­res­ent an increase of over 100%, both over the dec­ade and since I’ve been here.

The 1000th manu­script is a good one to break the record with, as it deals with bee-pollination of an orchid and thus encom­passes strong sub­ject areas for the journal in recent years. In 2009 we pub­lished spe­cial issues on both plant-pollinator inter­ac­tions and orchid bio­logy, and since then we’ve had issues focus­sing on plant sexual repro­duc­tion (2011) and plant mat­ing sys­tems (2012). The 1000th paper will go through our usual rig­or­ous peer review, and hope­fully will be one of the 20% that makes it through to publication.

David Frost
Manging Editor
Annals of Botany



Ann Bot is a gestalt entity who works in the office for the Annals of Botany.

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