Constitutive α-amylase activity in dry grass seeds

Constitutive α-amylase activity in dry grass seeds

Constitutive α-amylase activ­ity in dry grass seeds

α –Amylase in grass cary­opses (seeds) is usu­ally expressed upon com­mence­ment of ger­min­a­tion and is rarely seen in dry, mature seeds. However, Goggin and Powles show that selec­tion for low dormancy in Lolium rigidum res­ults in con­stitutive expres­sion of an aluerone-localized α-amylase activ­ity that is, unex­pec­tedly, respons­ive to both gibber­el­lin and gluc­ose. This activ­ity appears late dur­ing seed devel­op­ment and its pres­ence in dry seeds con­fers res­ist­ance to the germination-inhibiting alle­l­o­chem­ical ben­zoxazolinon­en­one. The incid­ental selec­tion for expres­sion of a con­stitutive, sugar– and hormone-responsive α-amylase activ­ity dur­ing selec­tion for low seed dormancy may there­fore help to enhance seed­ling estab­lish­ment under com­pet­it­ive conditions.


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