DNA content for 407 plant species from the USA

DNA content for 407 plant species from the USA

DNA con­tent for 407 plant spe­cies from the USA

The gen­ome sizes of plants rep­res­ent a key char­ac­ter often asso­ci­ated with other traits. Bai et al. use flow cyto­metry to provide prime C-values for 514 taxa. Most of these (407) are new reports, includ­ing 129 gen­era and five fam­il­ies extend­ing over 390 angio­sperms, two gym­no­sperms, ten monilo­phytes and five lyco­phytes. New fam­ily C-value max­ima or min­ima are repor­ted for Betulaceae, Ericaceae, Ranunculaceae and Sapindaceae. These data provide the basis to explore phylo­gen­etic pat­terns of C-value vari­ation and rela­tion­ships between gen­ome size and other func­tional traits with the goal of link­ing gen­ome size vari­ation to other pat­terns of diversity and drivers of eco­lo­gical change.

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