Gene-dosage effects of WEE1 in arabidopsis hypocotyls

Gene-dosage effects of WEE1 in arabidopsis hypocotyls

Gene-dosage effects of WEE1 in ara­bidop­sis hypocotyls

Over-expression of the cell cycle check­point gene, WEE1, may repress growth and devel­op­ment. Spadafora et al. cul­ture explants of Arabidopsis thali­ana from an over-expressing Arath;WEE1 line (WEE1oe), two T-DNA inser­tion lines (wee1-1 and wee1-4) and wild type (WT) on two-way com­bin­a­tions of kin­etin and naph­thyl acetic acid and exam­ine root growth and mer­istem­atic cell size. They find indic­a­tions of a repress­ive effectin WEE1oe and a sig­ni­fic­ant increase in morpho­gen­etic capa­city in the two T-DNA inser­tion lines com­pared with WT. Relative to WT, WEE1oe seed­lings exhibit a slower cell-doubling time in the root apical mer­istem and a shortened primary root, with fewer lat­er­als; how­ever, sig­ni­fic­antly fewer adven­ti­tious roots are recor­ded for WEE1oe and sig­ni­fic­antly more for the inser­tion mutant wee1-1. They con­clude that there is a gene-dosage effect of WEE1 on morpho­gen­esis from hypo­cotyls both in vitro and in vivo.

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