Interspecific chromosome exchanges in polyploid Musa

Interspecific chromosome exchanges in polyploid <i>Musa</i>

Interspecific chro­mo­some exchanges in poly­ploid Musa

Edible bana­nas ori­gin­ated mainly from two wild spe­cies, Musa acuminata and M. bal­bisi­ana, and recom­bin­a­tions between chro­mo­somes occur in poly­ploid vari­et­ies. Jeridi et al. com­pare homoeolog­ous pair­ing in a dip­loid inter­spe­cific vari­ety and in its allotet­raploid deriv­at­ive obtained from induced chromosome-doubling. Analysis of chro­mo­some asso­ci­ations at both ploidy levels sug­gests that the newly formed allotet­raploid behaves as a ‘seg­mental allotet­raploid’ with three chro­mo­some sets in a tet­ra­somic pat­tern, three sets in a likely disomic pat­tern and the five remain­ing sets in an inter­me­di­ate pat­tern. The seg­mental inher­it­ance pat­tern exhib­ited by the allotet­raploid gen­o­type implies chro­mo­some exchanges between M. acuminata and M. bal­bisi­ana spe­cies and opens new hori­zons for recip­rocal trans­fer of valu­able alleles.

Annals of Botany Office.

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