Origins of determinate growth habit in Phaseolus

Origins of determinate growth habit in Phaseolus

Origins of determ­in­ate growth habit in Phaseolus

One of the traits that appeared dur­ing domest­ic­a­tion of com­mon bean, Phaseolus vul­garis, is determ­in­acy, in which stems end with a ter­minal inflor­es­cence. Kwak et al. exam­ine sequence vari­ation in PvTFL1y, the gene that under­lies determ­in­ancy, in 46 wild and domest­ic­ated acces­sions that include both the determ­in­ate and inde­term­in­ate growth habits. They find that all inde­term­in­ate types show only syn­onym­ous nuc­le­otide sub­sti­tu­tions whereas determ­in­ate types – observed only among domest­ic­ated acces­sions – show sev­eral addi­tional muta­tion types that poten­tially cause reduc­tion or elim­in­a­tion of gene expres­sion. Although each of the determ­in­acy hap­lo­types prob­ably does not rep­res­ent dis­tinct domest­ic­a­tion events, they are con­sist­ent with the mul­tiple domest­ic­a­tion pat­tern in the genus Phaseolus.

Annals of Botany Office.

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