2013, International Year of the Wallace(?)

Image: James Marchant, Alfred Russel Wallace Letters and Reminiscences, volume 1. Cassell and Company, 1916.

Image: James Marchant, Alfred Russel Wallace Letters and Reminiscences, volume 1. Cassell and Company, 1916.

If 2009 ‘belonged’ to Charles Darwin then, if there’s any justice in the — nat­ural — world, 2013 has to be ‘owned’ by Alfred Russel Wallace.

Who? (I hope I don’t hear you ask!). Alfred Russel Wallace OM, FRS (8 January, 1823 – 7 November, 1913) was a British (actu­ally, Welsh-born, but ‘British’ is the term used by the English who want to appro­pri­ate another deserving national as their own – and with some jus­ti­fic­a­tion since Wales is – cur­rently – part of the United Kingdom…) nat­ur­al­ist, explorer, geo­grapher, anthro­po­lo­gist and bio­lo­gist. He was con­sidered the 19th century’s lead­ing expert on the geo­graph­ical dis­tri­bu­tion of animal spe­cies and is some­times called the ‘father of biogeo­graphy’. Wallace was one of the lead­ing evol­u­tion­ary thinkers of the 19th cen­tury and made many other con­tri­bu­tions to the devel­op­ment of evol­u­tion­ary the­ory besides being co-discoverer of nat­ural selection.

Aha, nat­ural selec­tion! We’ve heard of that, but surely that was solely due to one Mr Charles Darwin – English nat­ur­al­ist, etc? NO!!! Heretical British nat­ur­al­ist Alfred Russel Wallace… co-discovered nat­ural selec­tion inde­pend­ently of his more well-known con­tem­por­ary Charles Darwin. Although Darwin acknow­ledged Wallace’s con­tri­bu­tion – and this dual­ity is offi­cially recog­nised by the Linnean Society’s Darwin-Wallace Medal, awar­ded to ‘per­sons who have made major advances in evol­u­tion­ary bio­logy’ – many texts that pur­port to deal with evol­u­tion are usu­ally quite quiet on Wallace’s role in devel­op­ing this concept.

By way of try­ing to redress some of the his­toric side-lining of this emin­ent Victorian, many cel­eb­ra­tions, etc, are planned through­out this cen­ten­ary of Wallace’s death. The Wallace Fund is try­ing to raise money for a life-size statue of Wallace for the Natural History Museum in London. The Biological Journal of the Linnean Society has pro­duced an on-line ‘vir­tual issue’ devoted to papers by the great man him­self or inspired by his work. For a short bio­graphy of ARW, I sug­gest Andrew Berry’s art­icle in Biodiversity Science, which is the journal for Operation Wallacea,a net­work of aca­dem­ics from European and North American uni­ver­sit­ies, who design and imple­ment biod­iversity and con­ser­va­tion man­age­ment research pro­grammes’. For more Wallaceana, why not visit Wallace Online, ‘the first com­plete edi­tion of the writ­ings of nat­ur­al­ist and co-founder of the the­ory of evol­u­tion Alfred Russel Wallace’?


[What is it with nat­ur­al­ists and big beards? Darwin had one too. What are they hid­ing? – P. Cuttings Junior]


[As yet unknown strains of yeast! Haven’t you been read­ing my ele­ment­ary posts recently…? – P. Cuttings Senior]



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