AGPs in Trithuria reproductive structures

AGPs in Trithuria reproductive structures

AGPs in Trithuria repro­duct­ive structures

Trithuria is the sole genus of Hydatellaceae, a fam­ily of the early-divergent angio­sperm lin­eage Nymphaeales. In order to help determ­ine the early evol­u­tion of angio­sperm cell-wall struc­tures, Costa et al. use immun­o­cyt­o­chem­ical tech­niques to exam­ine ara­binogalactan pro­tein (AGP) epi­topes in T. sub­mersa and find intense labelling in the anthers and in the intine wall, the lat­ter asso­ci­ated with pol­len tube emer­gence. The res­ults agree with labellings obtained for Arabidopsis and con­firms the import­ance of AGPs in angio­sperm repro­duct­ive struc­tures as essen­tial struc­tural com­pon­ents and prob­ably import­ant sig­nalling molecules.

Annals of Botany Office.

The Annals of Botany Office is based at the University of Leicester.

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