Ethnobotanical Treasures of the Dominican Republic

A quick post to high­light a new video up from Ina Vandebroek of New York Botanical Garden. This is about how a botella, a mix of herbs is made for health­care. If you don’t speak Spanish there are English cap­tions for the video.

One of the things I was think­ing as the video went on was that some of these plants could be ana­lysed for their effect. What I hadn’t thought about were the con­sequences of that. There’s a line in the write up: No sci­entific plant names were added to pro­tect the Intellectual Property Rights of local com­munit­ies. It’s a prob­lem that I hadn’t thought of. As an eth­no­bot­an­ist you’re work­ing to record and pos­sibly pro­tect a community’s use of plants, but that know­ledge itself could be used to deprive them.

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