Physical mapping of a male-sterile locus in Brassica

Physical mapping of a male-sterile locus in Brassica

Physical map­ping of a male-sterile locus in Brassica

Spontaneous male ster­il­ity is an advant­age­ous trait for both pro­du­cing hybrids and under­stand­ing the devel­op­mental pro­cess of the male repro­duct­ive unit in many crops. Lu et al. use a map-based clon­ing strategy together with com­par­at­ive map­ping to study the tri­al­lelic genetic male-sterile locus BnMs5 in Brassica napus, and delimit it to a 21-kb frag­ment of the A8 chro­mo­some. Sequence ana­lysis sug­gests that BnMs5 ori­gin­ates from the B. rapa MF2 sub­gen­ome, and may reside in a hot­spot region of chro­mo­somal evol­u­tion. This work paves the way for fur­ther clon­ing of BnMs5, and presents a power­ful method for map­ping loci in plants with com­plex gen­omic architecture.

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