The Tannosome, a new organelle, is discovered and the paper is free access

Doing the Money Dance

Photo: Bill Selak

We’ve put out a press release announ­cing one of our papers, The tan­no­some is an organ­elle form­ing con­densed tan­nins in the chloro­phyl­lous organs of Tracheophyta. The Tannosome is an organ­elle found in plant cells that helps build tan­nins, used by plants for defence.

When we put out a press release for a paper (or if a journ­al­ist tells us he or she is pub­lish­ing about a paper) we make it avail­able with free access imme­di­ately. Our papers become free access after a year any­way, but the way we see it is that if we’re yelling “LOOK AT THIS!” then it’s impol­ite to charge you a fee when you do.

So you can keep your money and cel­eb­rate in other ways.

Photo: Money dan­cing groom, by Bill Selak/Flickr. This image licensed under a Creative Commons by-nd licence.

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