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View over the experimental area in the Solling Uplands (Germany). © U. Petersen

Nitrogen addition and harvest frequency rather than initial plant species composition, determine vertical structure and light interception in permanent grasslands

Recent biod­iversity exper­i­ments using sown plant com­munit­ies sug­gest a pos­it­ive effect of plant spe­cies diversity on eco­sys­tem func­tion­ing and resource use. However, are these exper­i­mental res­ults applic­able to agri­cul­tur­ally man­aged grass­land? In a new study published…

Plant Personality


For mil­len­nia man­kind has used anim­als as pre­dict­ors of human char­ac­ter­ist­ics and futur­istic pos­sib­il­it­ies – e.g. the zodi­acal signs of astro­logy that are so pop­u­lar in news­pa­pers and the dif­fer­ent anim­als and their char­ac­ter­ist­ics that denote one’s birth year in Chinese horo­sco­po­logy. But why should anim­als have it all their own way? They shouldn’t, and to redress the bal­ance – albeit turn­ing it on its head a little – there’s a ‘fun’ test you can try at home (or in the office when the boss isn’t looking…).

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