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An epipelic algal community on air-exposed soil.

Diurnal changes in algal xanthophyll cycle and H2O2 concentration

High light activ­ates the xantho­phyll cycle and increases the pro­duc­tion of react­ive oxy­gen spe­cies (ROS), such as hydro­gen per­ox­ide (H2O2), but the inter­re­la­tion­ships between these para­met­ers is poorly under­stood. Using a nat­ural fresh­wa­ter com­munity of algae com­pris­ing Euglena spe­cies, benthic Navicula diat­oms, Chlamydomonas and Chlorella spe­cies, Roach et al. demon­strate diurnal vari­ations in H2O2 levels, with a peak at mid­day. At this point the algae rap­idly scav­enge H2O2 rather than excret­ing it

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